It all started in the stores, many years ago. We could not buy what we needed to accommodate the many food intolerances and sensitivities in our families. So we started modifying old favorites and inventing new recipes.

Gluten, dairy eggs free? We have done it all. Need to take out sugar? Easy! Corn and soy? Who needs them? And the additives and preservatives? Definitely black listed.

Product development is in our blood (or actually in our kitchen).

When we started our journey many years ago as mothers of small children we were transitioning from a traditional diet to one with many restrictions, and one that we wanted to make as healthy as possible. As alljourneys, this was quite a learning process not only about what to eat, but how to accept, get used to and learn to like new foods. Let's face it, we are all creature of habit, and change can be challenge, particularly when it comes to what to eat.  And with busy lives, it is especially hard to establish new eating habits.

The golden rule that we found was that eating minimally processed, clean foods with a small number of ingredients was key. All of our products reflect this , as well as our motto: "we only use ingredients that our grandmother would have recognized as food".

If you are on a journey and would like some help please contact us. We offer service in tweaking recipes to meet dietary or nutritional requirements, nutritional analysis and production scaling from farmer's market to small retail.

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