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SHortbread cookies

These are our Easter cookies but you can use any shape you want. This recipe makes a pretty large batch of cookies.


1 c (160g) brown rice flour

1 (160g) white rice flour

1 c (140g) sorghum flour

1/2 c (70g) millet flour

1 c (200g) potato starch

2/3 c (80g) tapioca starch

4 tsp (40g) psyllium husks

1 tsp (5g) salt

4 sticks (440g) butter or ghee (cold or frozen)

2 c (300g) sugar

3 (60g) egg yolks

1 (55g) whole egg



  1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl
  2. Grate or cut cold butter into small pieces and add to the dry mix
  3. Beat on low with electric mixer for about 5 minutes
  4. Add egg yolk and egg. Beat until it becomes a dough
  5. Shape into a disc and wrap it into plastic.
  6. Put it in the fridge for about an hour
  7. After resting roll the dough and cut your favorite shapes
  8. Place the cutouts on a cookies sheet (we use parchment paper on the sheet) and put it back into the fridge for about 10min
  9. Bake for about 15 min at 350° F
  10. Let them cool
  11. Spread your favorite spread on the bottom cookie and place the second one on top